Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newlywed BYU-I Student is a Survivor

Jacklyn Schwartz, 20, survived cleaning four months of leftovers out of her fridge this afternoon. This has been found to be the cause of death for many young newlyweds in Rexburg, Idaho. Schwartz said she was "happy to be alive" after the cleaning.

"I have not seen that much moldy taco meat in my life, and I hope to never see it again," she said after finishing. She and her husband have not been eating their leftovers. Schwartz forgets to re-prepare them for meals like both of their mothers.

She decided to take on the fridge before they left for the Holidays. Schwartz dumped out 9 containers of various sizes into the trash. The leftovers ranged from taco meat to roast beef, all of which had some mold.

She was close to failing after dumping everything in the garbage can. Her husband, Justin Schwartz, 23, saved her by offering to take out the garbage. "I did it because I love her, and I could see she was an interesting shade of green."

She finished by washing out the containers. She really considers herself a survivor because of their broken dishwasher. It is not spraying water. She washed all of the dishes by hand.

When the dishes were finished, no trips to the hospital needed to be made. She came out of the situation unscathed and excited about the prospect of going home for the Holidays.

Yeah, I'm a Journalism student..... and coming up with this post (and my cute husband) was the only thing that got me through washing all of those nasty dishes by hand! Thanks for indulging me!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Noteworthy Unblogged....

I was going through my iphoto this morning, and found some pictures that I meant to blog..... but never quite got around to because they didn't really fall in with any of my major posts.... So here goes!

This is what my cutest husband does when I sit down with pizza and forget the ranch. He goes and gets it for me.... he's quite the creative one huh?:D

Evenings at the Schwartz apartment are never boring:) Cute Polka-dotted robe huh? Its mine.... but Justin thinks its soft.... the picture is taken from so low because I was literally on the floor cracking up.:)

This was just barely taken on our way home from Moscow. My mom usually only shops at safeway but they don't have a gas station at ours. So her fuel discount hardly ever gets used. So any time I see a safeway gas station that's where I stop. This time... her fuel discount was larger than the price of gas.... so we got our gas for 1 cent per gallon! I thought it was picture worthy! THANKS MOM!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Skinner and Schwartz style:)

Well Justin and I spent a great week in Moscow with his family and I got to learn all of the Skinner/Schwartz family traditions for thanksgiving. The festivities started on Wednesday when all of the boys went out to Garfield to get the family Christmas Trees.

The girls stay home and start the Thanksgiving day cooking:) I learned how to make the super special Skinner family stuffing..... it was incredibly delicious when it was done.... but it looked a little yucky when we were grinding up all of the veggies:D

Pies are also important to the Wednesday cooking day. We made two pumpkin and one apple. (that Apple pie crust looks pretty great huh?.... the newest member of the family made it;))
When the boys got back the started putting up the Christmas lights at Grandma and Grandpa Skinner's house. This is Grandpa and Mitch doing the lights on the bushes.

And this is my cutest husband putting them up on the tree.

This is the next day after dinner..... some very very stuffed Schwartzes:) It was incredilbly delicious! We had such a fun time! We got to see my family on saturday when they came back from Hawaii and then we headed back to Rexburg where we only have two more weeks before we get to go home again for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas has hit the Schwartz apartment!

Justin and I leave for home for Thanksgiving on Saturday morning. Then when we get back we'll only be home for 2 1/2 weeks before we head home again for Christmas, so we decided, even though it is before Thanksgiving, it was still OK to set up the Christmas stuff already. So it was a wonderfully fun Family Home Evening!!

My cutest Husband getting out the tree:D

We had Hot Chocolate.... Peppermint Hot Chocolate... YAY!

Stage 1 of the Christmas Tree Putting together. We bought a big one and had to rearrange our living room to make it work. But... even though our couch is really close to our television, we decided it was worth it!:D We both LOOOOOOVE Christmas!:)

Decorations made by yours truly! Justin and I have a new favorite store called Porters... with all of the crafts you can dream of. They have WONDERFUL Christmas stuff, and we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas!

Our cute little wreath. We hang it on the inside of the door so we can look at it.... selfish huh?:)

My little baby tree... it's going on our table:)

We finished stringing the extra lights around the window:)
(yes, that is Home Improvement on the TV... Hello Al!)

And our Tree!! TA DA!!! We LOVE it! I even plugged in evergreen scent so our house still smells like christmas tree even when our tree isn't real.:)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Justin touched chicken!!

I got home from the grocery store yesterday evening an asked my hubby to vacuum pack the meat. He did fine with the ground beef, and then I asked him to do the chicken too and he told me that he had never touched raw chicken before. So.... I documented his first time:) Hooray for wonderful husbands who will touch raw chicken for you:)

Birthday Weekend

Justin's birthday was on Friday the 7th and we had quite the wonderful weekend. We woke up and had a birthday breakfast and opened presents. Then we headed off to work and school, and after that we took the drive down to Utah.

We went to Provo to our favorite restaurant Tucanos. It's a brazilian restaurant where they bring skewers of meat around to all of the different tables and cut it off at your table. It is incredibly delicious and Justin says its just like the BBQs that they do in brazil. They also have his favorite brazilian soda Guarana. I love it as well, and it goes GREAT with the dinner:)

The next day we headed back up to Salt Lake to meet with a mission companion of Justin's and get tickets to the BYU game, which we went to, and they won.... by a lot:)

We both really love BYU so it was fun to go to a game together! We really had a wonderful time. After the game we went out to panda express and then back home to my Aunt Shannon's house where we watched a movie and chilled.

On Sunday we went to church with Shannon's family, and then they blessed their new baby, Ivy Grace that evening and then we headed home. It was a wonderful weekend and we were so grateful to get to see all of my aunts and uncles!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Justin and I celebrated our two month anniversary today. All in all we're doing pretty darn well as newlyweds we decided, the sparks are still there even after all these..... weeks;) Rexburg is treating us well except for getting really cold, and we just got back from a trip to Moscow where we spent just enough time there to get homesick and have to come back to Rexburg.

Justin got the chance to meet my oncologist and approved of her, especially since she told us that I am cancer free again for another six months.:) I have an interview coming up on Friday to work at the Student Health Center next semester as a receptionist, and I got offered a scholarship to be in the i-comm program here at BYU-I. I-comm is the program that they have for the communication majors that is like a mock agency for each of the different emphases. (For example, they have a mock newspaper, a mock advertising agency, a mock PR agency... etc.) Its unlike any other program in the nation. Most schools have newspapers, but I'm excited to be working at PR agency to get great experience while I'm still here at school. The director actually mentioned that after I get my two semesters of scholarships, they love to hire their students as Paid interns for their last semester, so school stuff seems to be working out great!

Sorry no pictures this time... just an update.... I've got to find my camera again and then we'll get back on track! Miss you all!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We have been Rexburged!!

Our new license plates... 1M!!! When we got our title changed over they made us get new plates... we kept the james toyota moscow thing just to make us feel like we weren't complete traitors:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Picture Tag:)

So the rules are, pick the fourth picture in your fourth picture file, and post it:) Then tag four people:) I don't have too many pictures on my computer since its pretty new, but this is what it turned out to be:) Justin and I on our trip to disneyland in March.:) Now I tag aunt laurel, aunt shannon, Jade Stellmon, and Dorese Cornelison:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

My mama and sisters came to visit!!

We had such a wonderful weekend with my mom and sisters:) They came and we played, and went out to eat and shopped, and crammed as much as we could into the little time that we had to spend with them! We were really sad when they left, but we were glad we're heading up to Moscow soon for a Doctor's Appointment!

Me and my mama after I got off work and they came to eat at quiznos with me:)

Me Justin and Gracie all in the twin "guest bed"

Its such a lucky thing that Justin's cousins that moved down here just before we did happen to be my little sisters best friends:) Gracie and Kindra:)

Savannah and Katelyn

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PARTY!!! (Married Style)

Well, we had quite the evening tonight, we got together with all of the other newlywed (or almost newlywed) girls at quiznos and their husbands. Everyone came over to our place for dinner, I made Italian, and we visited for a while.

Dinner on our Beautiful new table... we had quite the spread:D

After dinner and visiting we went bowling... we had quite the ranges of skill levels... and I think once I bowled 4 gutter balls in a row... and then hit a strike..... followed by a spare.... followed by 3 gutter balls. I'm not a very consistent bowler;) But it was a good time, and here are some of the pics:)

Britta and her husband Stuart

Ashlyn and her husband Michael

Jenn and her fiance Craig

Me and Justin:D

We were bowling at "The Rex" it is a movie theater that also has a bowling alley, arcade, and an ice cream place in it.... the ice cream was so cool, I was enthralled.... it's called "sub-zero ice cream." I took pictures of the steps so everyone could share in my joy:)

Step 1. Pick your flavor and mix in (justin and I did chocolate caramel with cookie dough) and they put all of it into a milky substance

Step 2. They spray it with liquid nitrogen and make it look like a halloween drink and spin the bowl around

Step 3. They mix it up, and it sounds like crunching ice. Then they scoop it out.... and....


We made the mistake of eating our ice cream in the arcade and the boys decided that they needed to play a couple of games.... and ride the baby carousel. It was pretty funny:)

They played the ski-ball game which was titled "Iceball" which we all thought was pretty fitting for Rexburg considering their infamous icy winters.

And with games.... come tickets..... and what do tickets get you?

PRIZES!! They got paddle balls, so those will be fun until they break:) Gotta love those wonderful ticket prizes!

Overall, it was a pretty darn fun night! We really like having married friends and doing things with other married (or engaged;)) couples. Its such a fun new experience to go on dates when you're not worried about if everyone is having fun, because you know they are, because they're with their best friend!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

RS broadcast with my girls!!!

So, this evening Ashlyn, Britta and I all went to the RS broadcast together. We started at my brand new stake center for dinner but the satellite wasn't up yet so we went to Ashlyn's stake center, and watched it. It's a blast having girly friends again! We bonded instantly through our hate for our jobs at Quiznos. But we like to be working there when we're together! We're planning a FHE with the three of us and our other friend Jenn from quiznos and her fiancee. Should be fun!

(Ashlyn, Britta, and I.... sorry its blurry.... it was on my phone!)

But the boadcast was was great and It was so great to have friends to sit with! Yay!!!:D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Newlywed FRIENDS!!

So we had a wonderful evening with our new newlywed friends:) We went over to Ashlyn and Michael's apartment tonight. (I work with Ashlyn at Quiznos) And we had the most wonderful time. We had hamburgers and corn on the cob and I FINALLY got to use the "Butter Boy" that I got from Gracie at my bridal shower, it was actually a very fun toy that worked incredibly well.

"The Butter Boy"- He holds a stick of butter, you take off his head and rub the butter on your corn, the underneath is shaped like corn..... like... rounded.... it's great!

Then we got to go play the Wii with Ashlyn and Michael. We played bowling and the boys golfed and we made our own little players:) It was such a wonderful evening and we love our new friends so much! Justin and I were worried that we wouldn't find a couple that we both liked and got along with.... but the operation was successful the first time we tried! HOORAY!:D

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Utah State v. University of Idaho

Justin's Dad and brothers came down to Rexburg with his uncle and a few cousins. The gaggle of us headed down and met Savannah and dad in Logan at the UI v. Utah State game. UI lost horribly in the fourth quarter, but it was a pretty fun game until then;)

Jordan, Mitch, Savannah, Avarie, and I during the first quarter (When we were winning;))

Justin and I at half time (he and his dad were down on the sidelines with my dad for most of the game)

Justin's Dad, My dad and Justin down on the sidelines with the Vandals.
The weather was CRAZY all day, it couldn't figure out if it wanted to thunderstorm or be sunny.... and that kind of weather makes RAINBOWS!! There was a super cool full rainbow, I couldn't get a picture of all of it... but it was WAY cool!

Before the game Justin and I took a little detour to go check out the Utah State "Flying Aggies" program. We met with the Director of Aviation and got a tour of all of their airplanes. It was an awesome experience! We had so much fun there, and Justin's considering tranferring down there and becoming a pilot. So... we'll keep you updated on that one! (That plane is a DA40 by the way;))

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Its Running!

So Justin and I have been dishwasher-less since we moved into our apartment. We've been washing everything by hand. But finally, the plumber came and fixed our dishwasher. I ran it for the first time this morning, so the picture would really be more exciting if you could hear the water running;) YAY for no more washing dishes by hand!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eastern Idaho State Fair

Last Saturday was the Eastern Idaho State Fair and Justin and I went with his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins and hung out for the day. We ate a lot of fair food, Justin went on some rides, and we walked through the cow barn.... quickly. My favorite part of the day was the food, and reading "Twilight" to Justin driving to and from Blackfoot.

This is me and Justin's Cousin Kindra, she and Gracie are Best buds.

Justin and Mitch going on some ride that went upside down and crazy. Fair rides always make me a little bit nervous.

Justin and Mitch getting ready to go on a ride.... AHH!!