Saturday, October 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The babies are home!  We got to bring them home from the hospital on Thursday morning.  Although we were sad to leave all of our favorite nurses and doctors at the NICU, we are so happy to have them home and be able to love on them without an hour long drive to Ogden.

He sure loves his little sister
I've had way too much fun dressing them up in all of the fun clothes that we've had waiting for them.

He thinks it is a little bit loud in this place

They're good little sleepers, especially Weston.  They are finally getting used to being home and mom and dad waking them up every three hours to eat.

Weston eating his bottle with Aunt Gracie

They were both over 5 lbs when we brought them home, Addison was closer to 5.5 lbs and still growing, we get to go see the pediatrician on Monday.

Photo shoot with Grandma

They love photo shoots with Grandma.  We've had a blast with my mom and sisters in town.  They've really loved to hold and snuggle the little ones.

Addi's good at posing for photo shoots

The nights are long but we're getting better at them.  We've learned how to keep their monitors from going off every couple of minutes.  They've still got oxygen and monitors attached to them.

Me with both of the little peanuts

Dad and Weston watching some football.