Saturday, October 20, 2012

Picking Pumpkins!

We had the best evening ever.  The kidlets are getting to that age where they are finally FUN to take to do stuff, not just work;)  So tonight we went to pick out our Halloween pumpkins and go out to dinner as a family.  They had a blast putting the pumpkins in the wagon and Weston tried to pick out 20 pumpkins- it was just too much fun!

Addi with her pumpkin

Weston with his

Into the wagon they go!

My girl is getting so big!

Dad with his kids

Mom and her girl!

All four of our pumpkins

"Just one more mom?"

My two most favorite boys!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our family is GROWING!

It is official!  Baby #3 is due in May!

We're very excited that our family is growing again.  We found out on Friday that there is only ONE baby in there and so our chances of having a pre-term birth is much lower.  So they tell us that WHEN we make it to 39 weeks we will schedule a C-Section. 

The kiddos don't quite get it yet, although every time we talk about babies Addi says "in mommy's tummy!"  We have 6.5 more months to talk about it, so maybe they'll get it by then.   Justin and I change our minds all of the time on if we're hoping for a boy or a girl, although we do have a girl name that we love and we always struggle agreeing on boy names.  But we should find out gender just before Christmas.   We are excited and so are our families for grandbaby #3!