Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shooting for the first time

We had such a fun Saturday afternoon, and surprisingly it was spent out shooting in Providence canyon with our friends Carly and Preston!  I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  Carly was too the first time she went, but after she loved it (in her words "more than sewing!") she talked me into trying it. I originally thought I was not a gun person and I was wrong!  It was such a fun afternoon!  Shooting things is so exhilerating and a great stress relief:) 
Weston watching us shoot (ignore the fish crackers all over his face, its how we kept them happy;)) 
Addi was not so sure about the day...

Justin shooting

Carly shooting

Me shooting

Preston shooting

Me and Carly

Justin and I.... and the kids;)

Shooting together

They had a race to see who could get rid of their rounds the fastest!

Justin likes to make fun of my "stance dance" at the beginning.... I get nervous and try to get my feet planted..... ;)

Then we all went out and had a great dinner at Arby's!  It is so fun to have such great friends here in Logan.  We are so excited to be planning on staying here for another year or so while Justin builds time and we just enjoy our cute little home and ward and friends!

Relay for Life!

This is about a week belated but I finally put the pics from my camera onto the computer!

Addi helping her dad help me set up for the survivor dinner

The survivor dinner

Weston at Relay

Almost time for the survivor lap!

Addi enjoying opening ceremonies 
Opening ceremonies

The most amazing song was performed for opening ceremonies, I'll see if I can find it on youtube!

The field house all decked out for Relay!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had such a great Easter this year.  There aren't too many holidays where we are not with one or both of our families, but we've started to make some fun new traditions when we are home with our little family by our selves.

The Easter bunny didn't come until nap time this year because we have 9 AM church and wanted to be able to do a non-rushed easter basket and egg hunt, it worked out so great and the kids had a wonderful time!

Addi's Easter basket

Weston's Easter basket

Dad's Easter basket

Dad did such a great egg hunt!

All of our baskets.... The little "cheeps" in front of the baskets were sent to us by a very naughty grandma... they make a cheeping noise when you hold them.  They "got lost" for a couple of days.... but the Easter bunny brought them back.

Addi and her Blue.  She just LOVES her!

Weston and his new GI Joe blankie

Hunting eggs with dad!

Found one!

Someone was caught red handed (and brown mouthed) playing in the dirt.

Our Easter dinner!  I made a ham and Grandma Skinner's rolls and the Skinner  Christmas/Easter potatoes!
 On Saturday, Justin was working all day and we needed him to sign some checks before we went to the bank, so we took him some lunch and he took his little buddy out to see all of the airplanes.  Here is Wes hanging out with the airplane Justin just so happens to be flying right now.

He'll grow into the seat;)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby Animal Days, Crazy Son and Easter Eggs!

I just love this time of year.  The weather has started warming up and there are so many more things to do every day!  This last week we went to Baby Animal Days- it is the cutest thing that Logan does- its like a fair with just baby animals.  Weston LOVED it- Addison not so much.... she's pretty afraid of all animals.

Weston feeding some baby goats:)

Addi spent most of her time in the stroller or...

holding on to my leg

Weston with his friends Sadie and Jenna

Photo op on the bull and the horse

Mmmm... shaved ice!

Weston and Jenna with Natalie
 We dyed Easter Eggs last night.  It was a blast and the kids loved it!  It was more than a little bit messy... and some of the eggs didn't turn out so well .... a few to many whacks against the table... but we sure had a great time doing it.


Dad's best eggs- a blue nike egg and a pink princess eggs... special for each kid.

Weston's reaction to when egg dying was over.... he was so distraught.

Our eggs.... some a little worse for the wear.
 Lately our little son has been thinking he is SOO funny.  He's become quite the little goofball.  Here are a few pics to show his growing little sense of humor!

Loves to wear dad's hat!