Sunday, July 31, 2011

Everyday life:)

Here are a few pictures that we have snapped from our cameras recently that just haven't made it to the blog yet.

Addi loves to go swimming!  Especially with her dad.

Addi chowing down on a cucumber

She's been so very curious lately.

mmmmmm.... chocolate.

Love this kid

Finally giving in.

She tries to hide behind her shirt when she gets really mad.

My daredevil daughter.  She's getting ready for disneyland;)

My little "fashion stowaway"

 Weston chattin' it up.
She's getting very mischevious now that she has learned how to open things....

Hmm... Where's Addi go?  After I took this picture she shut the door and pulled everything out of her bottom drawers.

Sunday morning snuggles!

Ooops... she got stuck!

Helmet Heads..... and the Splash Pad!

So the kids have to get helmets to round out their heads.  They'll have to wear them for the next couple of months, and we had to get their heads plastered for them this past week.  It was pretty traumatic because they had to sit still and have weird stuff on their heads.  But we made it through and will get their helmets in about two weeks.  (Anyone who knows of a place to get cute vinyl stickers let me know!  We need to work on decorating them:D)

She was watching him VERY closely.

Justin had to hold her down!

AHHH!  Plaster!

I think it makes him look like a knight without his helmet.

We also checked out the splash pad with all of our friends from our ward last week.  It was a lot of fun and both of the kids actually liked it.  (That surprised me about Wes.)  It was a blast!
The splash pad in Providence.

Wes and Mom

Addi soaking up some sun!:D

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunshine and summertime in Logan

Summer time is in full swing here in Cache Valley.  We have had a great summer so far!  We've made it up to Moscow, to Tyson and Lana's wedding, on lots of stroller rides, AND we've had a birthday.  My kids are growing like weeds and I love it.  This is such a fun age.  They are so interactive and into EVERYTHING;)  Addison has turned into the biggest helper.  She always wants to see what I'm doing, and then "help" me with it.

Justin has been working and flying like a mad man and we've hardly got to see him at all this summer!  Stay tuned in the next two weeks for the announcement that he finally has his commercial license.  He is so close!  He hit his 200th hour mark last week and we can't believe how much he's done in the last two years!

Weston goofing off on the floor.... he likes to make baby burritos out of himself

Weston in his favorite toy.  This one lets him stand up and play with things without sisterly interruption.

Addi loves grown up food now.  This is her chowing down on an olive garden bread stick. (At least she has good taste!) 

My kids hanging out at the primary slip and slide activity.

Addi loves to see herself in the camera on my phone:)

Quality time playing outside

Weston was more comfortable in the stroller.... there were too many girls there for his liking.

Addi and her friend Hailee at the activity.

Spending some quality time with dad reading books.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A summer of weddings!

The first weekend in July we went to Justin's brother Tyson's wedding.  It was so fun to see all of the family and friends that we haven't seen in a while.  The kids were so great and we had a great time at the wedding and reception.  We are so happy for Tyson and Lana and so glad they had such a beautiful wedding day!

Family Photo in front of the Rexburg Temple.
Jessa and Addi hanging out

The Hubster and the groom..... what handsome men!

She LOVED all of the attention:)

Weston tried to sleep as much as he could;)

The happy couple!:)
Now we're pressing forward to wedding number two in August.  So excited for another great day!