Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our November

November was a great month for the Schwartz family.  Here it is in pictures!

I started to feel better at the beginning of the month and we tried to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather before it got too cold!

The kids' favorite park
Crunching all of the fall leaves

Justin turned 27 on the 7th of the month.  He had to work all day but we had a birthday party and the kids picked out presents for him all by themselves.  I got him a trip to Disneyland that will happen next weekend:)

Addi got him a Dora sticker book

Weston picked out a dinosaur

They picked out all "Clubhouse" birthday supplies

And we had a chocolate cream pie for dessert

The next weekend we went down to Provo for the BYU/UI game and it was a blast to have almost the whole family there.  We were just missing Mom and Savvy.  We went bowling, out to lunch and to the cold, cold game.

We did some bowling with our Aunts and Uncles- Wes LOVED Derek.

Addi and Lauren bowling

Then the next weekend we went home for Thanksgiving- we got an entire week!  So we went to the last Twilight movie with Savvy, got to hang out with my fam for a few days before they left to AZ, and then had a WONDERFUL rest of the week getting the dinner ready and playing with all of our grandparents.

All ready for TWILIGHT!

Addi loved helping with the baking;)

Weston helped with lights:)
 When we got home life went into a whirlwind as we found out we had gotten into these duplexes that we have been on the waiting list for for more than two years!  So we will be moving in two weeks!  It will be so wonderful for us:  They have 4 bedrooms, a 2 car garage, a small backyard where we can have our BBQ back, and just to the right is the BRAND NEW park that they're building for the new phase.  We are very excited but it is going to be quite the crazy couple of weeks going to Disneyland AND trying to get everything packed up so we can move the next weekend!

Last but not least- our elf on the shelf- who we have named Gustav, or Gus for short (and ease of saying) has arrived because we are on to DECEMBER!