Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ward Ice Skating and BUBBLES!

Our ward had a great ice skating activity on Monday and it was a blast.  The ice rink here in Logan allows strollers on the ice, so we all had a blast skating around and having dinner with our wonderful ward!

Even dad took the kids for a few spins around the ice!
The weather has been so lovely lately that the kids and I have loved playing outside on the deck!  So we got out the bubbles that we got for Christmas from our Skinner cousins and played and played and played all morning long! 

Lately she's been accessorizing her self.... got to love that girl!

She was more interested in carrying around the bubble case than playing with the bubbles.


Just trying to figure this out!

Checking on the raspberry plant.... gotta make sure we get sufficiently dirty!

Trying to distract dad from his homework by knocking on the bedroom door!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raspberry Planting

It has been a beautiful couple of days in Logan! Over 50 degrees most days... and to us that means spring has sprung! *knock on wood* So yesterday we headed to Lowe's and bought a plant.  This afternoon we planted it.  The kids were excited... Weston only tried to eat the dirt once and no one has pulled the plant out of the dirt... yet.  It was such a fun spring afternoon activity!  And who knows... maybe in a few months we'll have some raspberries.... maybe;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break and being HOME!

I never thought I would call some house- let alone some apartment- that was not the house I grew up in, Home.  But after a month and a half of being gone at least every other week since the beginning of February, the kids and I are so happy to finally be HOME for the rest of the semester at the very least!  Here are some pictures from our lovely spring break at our other home and others since we got back!

Weston loves his "bling" lately.  At least he loves the blue necklace?

He LOVES outside.  Yes that is snow out there since in the past week we have gone from snow to 75 degrees.  

My cute little girl with the crazy hair.  We never know what to do with it, she always takes clips out and it is just so CURLY!

She is my best little helper!  That is her very own swiffer duster that she keeps with her toys.

Sometimes Weston thinks it is a brush...

Justin went Pro on Wii bowling- we're all so proud;)

The boys on their Portland basketball spring break

Addi with post-pigtail hair

Haha, shirt is a little big, but we've been waiting for him to get into this one forever!  Love these two cutest boys!

Addi has learned how to take her clothes off lately, and when I leave her in her bed for two minutes longer than she deems appropriate.... they all come off in protest.

Girls' day pedicures for spring break!

She loved having her toes painted and still points to them to show people how "pitty" they are:)

Just hanging with Aunt Grace.  Grace is such a good sport because Addi thinks she needs to be with her every second of the day and Grace just lets her.  What an awesome favorite Aunt to have!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

State Basketball!

While it didn't end up exactly how we had hoped (I thought they'd win the championship led by my AWESOME baby brother) it was a fun weekend anyways.  Derek ended up breaking his ankle in the first game and they took 4th.  Here is the photo evidence of how much fun we got to have!

Aunt Grace is definitely the favorite:)

Justin and his Uncle.... no family resemblance at all huh?;)

Weston and Grandma hanging out

Logged some great sister bonding time.  I miss all of my sisters so much!

Me and the hurt Basketball star.... My baby brother isn't so little any more!

Me and Wes watching the game

Addi's favorite spot for the games was Grandma's lap:)

It was a lot of basketball for a little girl

Hanging with Grandma

"seriously mom?"

At the Championship game with Justin's cousins and Aunt and Uncle.  They live in Rexburg and Madison got 2nd!

Playing with Aunt Lauren!