Monday, September 6, 2010

Schwartz Update

Its been a fun couple of weeks at the Schwartz house (/in the NICU).... here is a quick update on us!
We had a wonderful anniversary date at our favorite restaurant in Salt Lake.  This was our incredible dessert:D  (Better than year old wedding cake apparently)

We went to Disneyland for a day to see Garret who just got home from his mission, and Taylor who is soon to be leaving on his.  We spent 16 hours at Disneyland and got all of the wonderful rides in and spent so much fun time with my family!

The nursery got all finished.  It looks wonderful:)  Blue and pink and brown and pink.  Airplanes and hearts.  Thanks to my mom for Addi's beautiful quilt!

The little peanuts are doing great!  They are both just over 3.5 lbs and growing.  We're hoping to get them out of isolettes and into an open crib together soon.  We are starting to try and nurse them once a day and they are being little champs!

As for Weston, he is pulling more and more hilarious faces every day.  We just really love this little man!

Addi is our little princess who has her daddy wrapped around her itty bitty finger:)