Saturday, January 30, 2010

Double Date Day!

We had a wonderful day last Saturday full of Tucanos, shopping, Temple Square and..... a wonderfully fun couple that just so happened to be my sister Lauren and her new boyfriend! Just so everyone knows, he is WONDERFUL and we love him. He's a great kid and we're pretty impressed with Lauren's college taste in boys. :)

We started with lunch at Tucanos (me and Justin's favorite of all favorites) and then played at the Gateway mall for a little while. After that, we went to Temple Square and to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. (There happened to be a bridal show that day IN the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and we missed it..... it was so depressing.)

After Temple Square we headed back to Provo for some dinner at In-n-out..... wasn't quite as good as the California ones, but it came close. Then it was off to Shannon's where we played in the game room for the last time, and had a blast spending time with family. We get a little lonely up here in Logan sometimes so far away from everyone.

Lauren and Austin at the Gateway

Me and Justin at the Gateway
Temple Square... we love it!
Hey look! We got married there a year and a half ago!
And the four of us.... it was an incredible day! I love being grown up and friends with my sister:) There's nothing better than that:)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Poor blog....

We had too much fun over Christmas break and did too much relaxing.;) My little blog got forgotten and neglected for my husband. During this time of year, my husband goes into depression mode. He loves Christmas and when it is over he kind of feels like all happiness is taken away from the world.

Saturday I finally talked him into taking down the Christmas tree so we could bring our new rocker/recliner home. We took down the tree and all of the decorations and set up our Christmas presents. (A BEAUTIFUL new television and blu-ray player) Our living room feels like a new place and we're very excited for our Bachelor/Castle night with the new TV.

School has started again and we're not quite sure how we feel about it. Spring semester always seems harder than fall semester. I have four online classes this semester and two are from the same professor, and I think he has forgotten that he has online classes. I'm debating if I should e-mail him and tell him to get on the ball because I'm paying for these classes, or just wait because I love not having a million things to do when I get home from work.

Justin is finishing his instrument rating this semester. (Cover your eyes and fly an airplane? Yeah... that sounds like great training.... boo. It makes me nervous) He is also taking the dreaded math. He's got 4 semesters of it to finish and I'm feeling bad for him.

That's the update thus far. Hope my husband begins to feel better about 2010 and I can get back to updating our blog.:)