Friday, November 2, 2012

New blog

I know, I do it every once in a while- start a new blog.  I'll still keep this one for a monthly family update and to put on our Christmas cards as a way to see what we're up to, but for a more day-to-day in depth look at my cute kids go here:

I've got it connected to my instagram and I'll post what would have been or are funny facebook statuses of my kids.  I always told myself I wanted to keep a journal of the funny stuff that they do, and this just seems like a much better idea since I can do it on my phone and I have been posting on facebook what I should be writing in those journals.

I will be posting everything I would in their kid journals, so be warned: some posts may contain poop.  And by that I mean- I never post anything about poop on facebook or our blog because it makes Justin uncomfortable.  But- there have been some funny poop stories (well, funny looking back now) and those need to be documented as well.

Its also just a good place for me to document my own thoughts and random ramblings, so you'll get a mixture of everything by stopping by there.