Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Family Pics, Thanksgiving and my little naughties

What a fun couple of weeks we have had recently, to start, we got the BEST family pictures taken by Jennie.... we love them SO much, and I am so glad to finally have some beautiful family pictures to hang up in my house!

You can see the album of my absolute favorites here on Facebook.

We also got to head home for Thanksgiving for a couple of days this year.  I always get excited that we're still students and Justin gets to take time off to head home for the holidays.  I'm starting to realize that it might not always be that way, so we enjoy it as much as we can while we get to do it!
Weston having some lunch at Great-grandma Skinner's house.  We had to document his first lunch in the high chair that his Grandma Tera used when she was a baby!:)

Ahhh... Turkey!  Weston LOVED Skinner Thanksgiving this year.... that kid can EAT!  He put away three whole high chair trays of food.... why he never gains any weight, we have no idea;) (Ignore the fact that he is in his sister's high chair.... we decided she needed a turn in Grandma's special high chair)

At Grandma Rachel's house a Christmas present for Addi from Aunt Grace was brought out a little bit early.... everyone said she won't remember the stroller when Christmas rolls around.  I beg to differ, every time she watches the video, she cries for the stroller to push... and get pushed around in.  Who needs a baby doll when you have a twin?!

We also got to go to Spokane to watch my brother Derek's first game of his senior year!   GO BEARS!

It always takes us a few days to get back into the swing of things when we get home again.  The kids love being up in Moscow where they get spoiled rotten.  But here's what the swing of things looks like for us lately.

Weston LOVES to wrestle his dad.  He does it every chance he gets.

My little skinny kid has learned how to wriggle out of his pants.  Its not hard when you weigh the amount for the 6-9 month clothes, but you're tall enough for the 12-18 month clothes.
 Had to document this moment.  From the beginning, Aunt Lauren has called these cute little goofballs "Cheese burgers" it has caught on like wild fire in my family.  So of course I had to document the Cheese burgers eating their first cheese burgers.  (They're Wendy's in case any of you were wondering.... their dad made sure of that;))

This little darling had loved to find everything that she can do that makes mom tell her "no."  She thinks that word is just so hilarious.  And now she's taken to teaching her brother.
 The other day we were in the grocery store, and I was struggling to find a certain type of noodle.  When I finally found them and turned back to the cart, Addi had found the eggs (that I was smart enough to hide.... just not well enough), had opened the carton, and was eyeing me slyly with one in each hand.  It was one of those times I was extremely grateful for the fact that it had not taken me two more seconds to find those noodles.

She also loves to throw everything out of the cart, it is her new favorite game.  I also can't put Weston in the back of the cart and Addi in the seat, because when she is in the back, she makes sure he has food to throw too.  When he is in the back, he returns the favor.... so I spend 80% of our shopping trips trying to keep the food that is light enough for her to pick up inside of the cart.  I might invent a cart cage soon if she doesn't stop thinking "NO!" is so hilarious;)

They are starting to love to watch a little bit of  TV in the mornings... I LOVE it!  It is fun to have my babies snuggle on the couch for a minute or two before they take off and don't let me play with them because they're too busy playing together.

They are loving to play in their room lately.  Addi shuts the door to keep me out, because she likes to play with her brother by her self.  She's getting a little too independent sometimes for a one-year old.

Weston has found a new love of standing up.  We're grateful because this is why we've being doing Physical Therepy with him.  He is getting so close to catching up to his adjusted age.  But he feels the need to stand up on everything lately, including the slippery tub!

Addi's new love of hiding things has reached a whole new level of inconvenience.    At first it was just her brother's binkies in the clean laundry, then it was remotes in the Christmas tree, now it is my keys somewhere that I don't think to look, even while I turn my house upside down for an hour and a half.  Got to love those little crazies!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We've had a great beginning of the month of November!  We have had lots of turkey (the kids love it and so does Justin) in preparation for Thanksgiving, we went to the BYU v. Idaho football game, we had Justin's 26th birthday, and the kids are growing like weeds!

Goofy kids in their football shirts:) 
Weston chowing down on his turkey... he's been prepping for Thanksgiving... this kid LOVES turkey:)

Addi's favorite place to be at the grocery store, as she yells "HI!" at everyone we pass.

Addi and Aunt Laur P at the BYU/Idaho Vandals game:)

Wes and I at the game:)

Wes and his daddy decked out in their BYU gear:)
Wes loves to kiss on his sister..... to try and get her bottle away after he finishes his:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our October

So it has been a while, I suppose I should just blog one picture at a time when I text them to my parents, that happens almost daily!:)  So here is our October in pictures!:)

Wes's new trick, thanks to his daddy.

Hanging with dad after a nice nap:)

Awesome general conference

He LOVES backyardigans, especially on the iPad or mom's phone.

He's finally eating real food like his sister, grilled cheese seems to be his most favorite.

He really was a lot more excited than he looks about upgrading to his new big boy carseat.

We've finally had the kids home for a year now!  They came home October 7th last year.  It took everything I had to not throw a second birthday party.  Mom mentioned that might be an overwhelming tradition to start.  I decided she was right with the way I do birthdays:)

He pushes up to sit on his own now:)
 We had family pictures taken, so we took off helmets for a day so we wouldn't have a red spot on our heads for pictures.  Instead, both children decided to take their best spills of the year and got matching goose eggs on their heads.  I'm sure the pictures will turn out great though (Jennie Kunz is awesome!), we'll see them soon:)
Weston's also included a rug burn.

Addison took a swan dive off the couch.  There was no way she was letting her brother out do her!
Justin passed that check ride that he'd been working so hard on from the beginning of the semester, and now he's working hard on his CFI, we're so proud of him! 
With Wes moving around more easily, the kids have been getting into a lot more trouble.... and making more messes recently. 
They love to go out to dinner with mom and dad.... we love family date nights!

We carved pumpkins the best we could with the kids:)

My pumpkin:)

Justin is a master pumpkin carver:)

Our car hit 100,000 miles this month....

The kids and I before our halloween party outing!

It was a great month and hopefully I can keep up on November a little bit better.  We're excited for Justin's birthday, Thanksgiving, and decorating for Christmas:)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My commercial pilot!

A couple of weeks ago my hubby finished his Commercial pilot license! It took over 200 hours of flying and a four hour practical test, but he passed with "FLYING colors";) (Sometimes I really crack myself up)

This is him with his instructor (who just so happens to also be his best friend) in front of the airplane he's been flying since the beginning of the year.

This is the plane he's been flying for the last couple of weeks since he finished. See how this one has two engines? He's almost done already with his multi-engine rating! That is the last thing he needs (besides just hours flying airplanes) before he can fly passenger flights. He's taking all of the classes he needs right now to become a flight instructor so he can get all of his hours. It won't be too long now before you get on an airplane and are welcomed aboard by Captain Schwartz! So proud of him and how well he's done!:)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weston's Ducky

Yesterday morning, Wes started playing with a duck that he found in the toy box.  When it was time to run errands he had a death grip on the duck, so I let him take it with us.  He protected it through all of the stores we went to, and when we got home he protected it from all of the perils at home (aka- sisterly abduction).  He kept it with him through his nap, and took it with us out to dinner on date night.  What a little goof ball.
Ready to head out to run errands- with his duck.

At home playing- with his duck.

Protecting the duck from his sister.

Nap time- with his duck.

Date night at Chili's- with his duck.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Life has been going great for us here in Logan.  We've just been settling in for the school year, and getting Justin back in the swing of things for his LAST school year.:)  Here are just a few of the going-ons recently.

My latest sewing project... most difficult pattern I've ever sewn, looks great if I do say so myself!:)

Addi has learned how to get her head out of her shirt, but not her arms.  It happens a lot during temper tantrums.

We got our Helmets last Wednesday.  So far, so good!

Oh dear....

Weston on surgery day.  He got his eyes straightened out, he's doing great now.

Having helmets requires a bath every day.... the kids sure love it!

Addi now gets into everything, even if it is on a shelf.

Weston is starting to get a lot more active and get his way a bit more often... to his sister's dismay.

Enjoying the last few weeks of summer.  We love the splash pad!