Saturday, June 27, 2009

Double Date Day

We had one of Justin's best buddies from Moscow and his girlfriend up in Logan with us for the day, it was a blast! We went to lunch, hit the driving range, and then got some frostys at Wendy's before Justin and I both had to work. A wonderful day all-in-all. These are some pictures from the day. (I promise I was golfing too! I was just the picture taker too:))

Logan River Driving Range

My honey and his beautiful swing:) His always go so much further than mine.... it makes me jealous sometimes.

I just had some really good shots (pictures I mean;)) today that I was so proud of!

Enjoying a chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough frosty at Wendy's.... they're incredible by the way, in case you were wondering:)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Well June has flown by and we finally have some internet up and running at our apartment. We're so excited! Which means I can finally blog all of the exciting happenings in our lives. We have been running around like crazy people working, schooling, and working some more. Justin started flight school and is loving flying every day. He's aced all of his tests so far and I am so proud of him. He really seems to have found what he loves to do, and I am excited for him. We got to go home for Lauren and Niks graduation, and it was fun to be there and spend time with our families:) After we got home I got another job at a doctor's office so I've been turning into a work-a-holic, and I definitely look forward to just spending time with my husband after I get home.

Me and the sister on Graduation Day! I can't wait until she lives by me!

Me, Lauren, and Anne, I love those girls!

Me and the Hubster at Lauren's Graduation BBQ

Me and Justin and his brother Nik! Hooray Graduates!

Justy doing his pre-flight

Just after the pre-flight getting ready to go.

Taxiing to the runway

More taxiing

And a beautiful take off

Look at him go!

Stay tuned for more pictures! I'm trying to get the courage up to go up with him sometime next week, and that will make for some really fun ones!