Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Justin and I celebrated our two month anniversary today. All in all we're doing pretty darn well as newlyweds we decided, the sparks are still there even after all these..... weeks;) Rexburg is treating us well except for getting really cold, and we just got back from a trip to Moscow where we spent just enough time there to get homesick and have to come back to Rexburg.

Justin got the chance to meet my oncologist and approved of her, especially since she told us that I am cancer free again for another six months.:) I have an interview coming up on Friday to work at the Student Health Center next semester as a receptionist, and I got offered a scholarship to be in the i-comm program here at BYU-I. I-comm is the program that they have for the communication majors that is like a mock agency for each of the different emphases. (For example, they have a mock newspaper, a mock advertising agency, a mock PR agency... etc.) Its unlike any other program in the nation. Most schools have newspapers, but I'm excited to be working at PR agency to get great experience while I'm still here at school. The director actually mentioned that after I get my two semesters of scholarships, they love to hire their students as Paid interns for their last semester, so school stuff seems to be working out great!

Sorry no pictures this time... just an update.... I've got to find my camera again and then we'll get back on track! Miss you all!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We have been Rexburged!!

Our new license plates... 1M!!! When we got our title changed over they made us get new plates... we kept the james toyota moscow thing just to make us feel like we weren't complete traitors:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Picture Tag:)

So the rules are, pick the fourth picture in your fourth picture file, and post it:) Then tag four people:) I don't have too many pictures on my computer since its pretty new, but this is what it turned out to be:) Justin and I on our trip to disneyland in March.:) Now I tag aunt laurel, aunt shannon, Jade Stellmon, and Dorese Cornelison:)

Monday, October 6, 2008

My mama and sisters came to visit!!

We had such a wonderful weekend with my mom and sisters:) They came and we played, and went out to eat and shopped, and crammed as much as we could into the little time that we had to spend with them! We were really sad when they left, but we were glad we're heading up to Moscow soon for a Doctor's Appointment!

Me and my mama after I got off work and they came to eat at quiznos with me:)

Me Justin and Gracie all in the twin "guest bed"

Its such a lucky thing that Justin's cousins that moved down here just before we did happen to be my little sisters best friends:) Gracie and Kindra:)

Savannah and Katelyn

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PARTY!!! (Married Style)

Well, we had quite the evening tonight, we got together with all of the other newlywed (or almost newlywed) girls at quiznos and their husbands. Everyone came over to our place for dinner, I made Italian, and we visited for a while.

Dinner on our Beautiful new table... we had quite the spread:D

After dinner and visiting we went bowling... we had quite the ranges of skill levels... and I think once I bowled 4 gutter balls in a row... and then hit a strike..... followed by a spare.... followed by 3 gutter balls. I'm not a very consistent bowler;) But it was a good time, and here are some of the pics:)

Britta and her husband Stuart

Ashlyn and her husband Michael

Jenn and her fiance Craig

Me and Justin:D

We were bowling at "The Rex" it is a movie theater that also has a bowling alley, arcade, and an ice cream place in it.... the ice cream was so cool, I was enthralled.... it's called "sub-zero ice cream." I took pictures of the steps so everyone could share in my joy:)

Step 1. Pick your flavor and mix in (justin and I did chocolate caramel with cookie dough) and they put all of it into a milky substance

Step 2. They spray it with liquid nitrogen and make it look like a halloween drink and spin the bowl around

Step 3. They mix it up, and it sounds like crunching ice. Then they scoop it out.... and....


We made the mistake of eating our ice cream in the arcade and the boys decided that they needed to play a couple of games.... and ride the baby carousel. It was pretty funny:)

They played the ski-ball game which was titled "Iceball" which we all thought was pretty fitting for Rexburg considering their infamous icy winters.

And with games.... come tickets..... and what do tickets get you?

PRIZES!! They got paddle balls, so those will be fun until they break:) Gotta love those wonderful ticket prizes!

Overall, it was a pretty darn fun night! We really like having married friends and doing things with other married (or engaged;)) couples. Its such a fun new experience to go on dates when you're not worried about if everyone is having fun, because you know they are, because they're with their best friend!