Friday, August 28, 2009

Schwartz Family Pictures

Someday I'll actually get around to talking about our wonderful anniversary trip, when I get the pictures from the camera loaded up. We had an awesome vacation home, it was great to be able to see our families and not have to WORK! We also got to take pictures with BOTH families, and here are the results of one of them!

The Schwartz Family:)

All of the Schwartz boys..... or "Skinner boys" as we used to call them:)

Me and the Hubby:) I LOVE this new picture!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Livin' it up in Logan

We're doing well here as the summer comes to a close. Justin passed his third stage check today and will have his final check ride on Tuesday. Then I will officially be a pilot's wife:) I'm really proud of all of the hard work that he's put in this summer. When I got home from work last night he still had his books and charts and flight stuff spread out all over the floor making a flight plan. It's pretty cute.

We've got a couple of changes coming up soon. I put in my notice at Sports Authority because I am moving to Full TIME at the Doctors office after we get home from Moscow. I am very excited. I could not ask for a better job. It will be a lot to handle working full time and school full time, but I think I'm up for the challenge.

Justin will hopefully be changing jobs at the airport and working at dispach where he will only be taking care of the Utah State airplanes. They would be better hours for him, and a lot less stress which he'll need since he'll be working on TWO ratings in the fall. He'll be taking instrument ground school at the same time he's finishing his intermediate hours. The instrument rating kind of scares me because they put him under a "hood" and it covers his eyes so he can't see anything but his instruments and he has to fly using only those. Should be an adventure for him this fall!

We're getting excited to go home in just over a week. We have lots of family pictures to do, lots of visiting, and lots of mom time to get in. We're both feeling a little bit deprived way down here in Utah.... we need our moms!

Grace is coming home with us after we go visit because my family is coming down here the day after we come home to take Lauren to BYU. I'm excited to have her closer, and excited that BFFs Justin and Grace will get some quality time together. They have a very special bond, and Justin's been missing her a lot! It will be fun to have her all to ourselves for the drive and that Monday.

Well that's an update on us! I should have pictures coming sometime next week.... we're doing an early anniversary celebration in Salt Lake. We're planning a little bit of the Temple and Tucanos. Should be some good times! We love you all!