Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We're not dead! I promise!

Just running around like crazy people without internet:) We've been pinching all of our pennies following our move to make sure we could pay rent before we were getting full paychecks, but internet should be coming shortly after we go home for graduation! HOORAY!

We are doing wonderfully in Logan. We love it and it is actually starting to feel like home for us. My cute husband hasn't mentioned how much he misses our little Rexburg apartment in over a week.:) Life is good.:)

Since our move, we have purchased a washer and dryer. (Yes, I finally have one in my house and it is the most incredible feeling! I never imagined I would count my blessings and be so excited about doing laundry.... hooray for being poor students;)) I got a job at Sports Authority and Justin has a job at both TJMaxx and the Airport. Can you guess which one is his favorite?;) He is hilarious:) He doesn't even feel like the airport is work, he's getting paid to hang out out there and he can't even believe it. He is refueling planes and such.

We head home for graduation for Justin's brother Nik and my sister Lauren next week. We're excited to be home and be a part of that. As soon as we get back Justin starts flight school, and our debt for education begins in a big way. Justin and I keep reminding eachother that the Prophet said it was OK to go into debt for education.:) It's the only thing that keeps us sane taking out so much in Loans.;)

We're missing everyone and just wanted to let you know that we're not dead, just internetless and that will be changing soon.:) Love you all!