Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We've had a great beginning of the month of November!  We have had lots of turkey (the kids love it and so does Justin) in preparation for Thanksgiving, we went to the BYU v. Idaho football game, we had Justin's 26th birthday, and the kids are growing like weeds!

Goofy kids in their football shirts:) 
Weston chowing down on his turkey... he's been prepping for Thanksgiving... this kid LOVES turkey:)

Addi's favorite place to be at the grocery store, as she yells "HI!" at everyone we pass.

Addi and Aunt Laur P at the BYU/Idaho Vandals game:)

Wes and I at the game:)

Wes and his daddy decked out in their BYU gear:)
Wes loves to kiss on his sister..... to try and get her bottle away after he finishes his:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our October

So it has been a while, I suppose I should just blog one picture at a time when I text them to my parents, that happens almost daily!:)  So here is our October in pictures!:)

Wes's new trick, thanks to his daddy.

Hanging with dad after a nice nap:)

Awesome general conference

He LOVES backyardigans, especially on the iPad or mom's phone.

He's finally eating real food like his sister, grilled cheese seems to be his most favorite.

He really was a lot more excited than he looks about upgrading to his new big boy carseat.

We've finally had the kids home for a year now!  They came home October 7th last year.  It took everything I had to not throw a second birthday party.  Mom mentioned that might be an overwhelming tradition to start.  I decided she was right with the way I do birthdays:)

He pushes up to sit on his own now:)
 We had family pictures taken, so we took off helmets for a day so we wouldn't have a red spot on our heads for pictures.  Instead, both children decided to take their best spills of the year and got matching goose eggs on their heads.  I'm sure the pictures will turn out great though (Jennie Kunz is awesome!), we'll see them soon:)
Weston's also included a rug burn.

Addison took a swan dive off the couch.  There was no way she was letting her brother out do her!
Justin passed that check ride that he'd been working so hard on from the beginning of the semester, and now he's working hard on his CFI, we're so proud of him! 
With Wes moving around more easily, the kids have been getting into a lot more trouble.... and making more messes recently. 
They love to go out to dinner with mom and dad.... we love family date nights!

We carved pumpkins the best we could with the kids:)

My pumpkin:)

Justin is a master pumpkin carver:)

Our car hit 100,000 miles this month....

The kids and I before our halloween party outing!

It was a great month and hopefully I can keep up on November a little bit better.  We're excited for Justin's birthday, Thanksgiving, and decorating for Christmas:)