Saturday, February 28, 2009

I had no idea before we got married......

I love the things that you learn about your husband after you get married. Tonight at the grocery store, he picked up some beef hot dogs and proceeded to tell me that he learned how to fry them on his mission... yeah... YUCK! So when we got home he showed me his wonderful cooking abilities, and I about died when he pulled my Italian olive oil out of the cupboard. (yes, I made him put it back and use canola oil;)) Here are a few quotes and pictures of the evening.

"See? Its just like frying bacon." "I think I may have put too much ketchup and mustard on and distorted the fried beef flavor." "I have enough of these to enjoy one a day for a whole WEEK! Unless.... I decide to eat six in one day." "Something's different, I think I need to burn them a little bit more on the bottom."

OH the excitement!

Yes, fried hot dogs... (but they have to be BEEF)

And look how much he enjoys it:)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Justin's boo-boo

No, he's not going to like that I'm calling it a boo-boo, but he doesn't blog, so I get to call his owies whatever I want:) This is the result of him slipping on the black ice of our very poorly shoveled apartment sidewalks and parking lot. This is two days later after it has healed a little bit.... sad huh?
And this is my very sad husband.... he has to keep band-aids on the most of the time.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

21st Birthday!

Well, I had a wonderful birthday weekend:) Justin took me out for dinner at Olive Garden, we went to a movie and then out for ice cream on Saturday night. Sunday on my actual birthday we went over to the Skinners' house and had ice cream cake:)

All of the candles lit!

Me and the Hubster with the cake

I got all 21 of them:)

My party people:) Hooray for new cousins who I love so very much!

The hubby and I playing with my new birthday camera! I love it! It has been so fun to play with!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Same picture, different effect:)

So, the last one had everything but the bridesmaids black and white, this one may be a little better.... the background is painted and the bridesmaids are real. (You can tell better if you click on it:))

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One more!:D

My new favorite class:)

In one of my classes we are learning all of the Adobe Programs, and this morning we started on Photoshop. I was super excited about it because I have LOTS of fun wedding pictures to play around with. While we're learning on Adobe Photoshop CS3 and I have Photoshop Elements, its still fun, but someday.... maybe someday.... I'll be able to buy that incredible program. It's been so fun to learn. Here are a few of my little play projects today.... just starting simply:)
Justin and I also had a wonderful weekend at home and it was really hard to come back to Rexburg, but great to see the fam and celebrate my birthday a little bit... we're still working up to the big culmination of the palooza this Sunday.... four days until I turn 21! Wooo HOO!!