Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Love Summertime!

So far our summer is ROCKIN'!  We have loved so much getting to have our dad only have to work!  No school to take him away from us more than needed.  Although he has been putting in lots of hours.  He passed his CFI check ride about two weeks ago and we're hoping that they start hiring instructors in July so he can start getting his hours!

We've been playing non-stop and enjoying lots of our favorite summer time treats!  Here is a glimpse of our life since graduation three weeks ago!

Being home more often, Justin has been able to learn how to make his Grandpa's famous fried rice.... DELISH!

We've been heading to the library about once a week to keep me and the kiddos stocked up on books!

We've spent some quality time on the tennis courts with our friends AND our dad!

Addi found out that she LOVES otter pops.  Just like Grandma!  She calls them "pop pops."

Corn on the cob is her new favorite dinner food.  Ours too!  It has been just delicious lately!

We got to spend a day down in Provo visiting Aunt Lauren and playing with some cousins!  I love to get pictures of these cutest twinners together!  Four miracle babies right here!

She loves to take pictures on the phone.  Sometimes I think she is too smart for her own good.  It only takes her about two minutes alone with the phone to figure out how to call her Grandma Rachel!

We're turning two soon.  Can you tell?  She is quite the little mess maker, and thinks that it is HILARIOUS!

Strawberries are our favorite afternoon snack!  They both love them!

Weston is my BEST eater.  The kid will eat for hours... and eat twice as much as I do!

We just love spending time outside eating snacks!

I need to get a video of this happening some day.  Addi goes to hug her brother, and they end up falling over and Weston tries to wrestle her.  What goofballs!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Graduation Part 2

It ended up being just a WONDERFUL weekend.  The kids had a blast having their grandparents and uncle around, and we were all so proud of our Justin!  We headed out to the airport Saturday morning to make Justin's dream of having some family pictures with the airplanes a reality.  We made Brian come too, since he was graduating too and he and Justin are best buddies and he has been his instructor.  It was a blast!

Justin and Brian flying their favorite plane- this is what most of Justin's training looked like-- minus the shirts and ties;)

The boys with their favorite plane- Arrow 836

Family pictures with the twin star.
I just have the cutest little family!

I love this picture!

Justin and Brian

The sky was perfect for us for pictures.... these are just my favorite!
This was the gaggle of us after the ceremony.  It was a great day and we were so happy Justin's parents could come and have such a wonderful weekend with us! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Graduation Weekend Part 1

So far we've had a great weekend with the Schwartzes!  They got here yesterday afternoon, and I thought I should keep up on the blogging because I am absolutely taking LOTS of pictures this weekend.  Last night we went to dinner at a new restaurant in Logan called Kabuki- it is a Japanese Steakhouse and it was DELICIOUS.  This morning we went to gymnastics with the whole crew!  It was so much fun to have help and a photographer!:)

Grandma Tera and Weston

Addi was super afraid of the fire and grill.... everyone else loved it!:) 
Grandpa Bob with Wes

Trying to catch shrimp in our mouths... Only Jordan and I succeeded!

Our Gymnastics adventures!
Stay tuned for more adventures of the Graduation Weekend!:D  There will be many!