Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hair Cut!

Since the helmets are off, it is finally time to make my kids' hair cute, so we went to Walmart to get Miss Addi some hair ties, bows and clips. Mr. Wesman was definitely in need of a hair trim. His dad was SO sad about it so when he took Addi on a date to the grocery store, we decided it was time!

Before pic.... He kind of looks like he has a little comb over because all of his thin little hairs are all sorts of lengths.

And after.... Hard to get a good pic of the little boy who was sick of being still. He even let me spike it up with some gel! He looks like a little toddler now! I love it.

We even saved the little baby hair for dad... To help ease the pain of the baby son growing up:)

Christmas break and new beginnings!

We had such an awesome Christmas break this year, we ended up getting to go home for about two weeks.  We got to talk to Justin's brother Nik in the Netherlands on his mission, and we are so excited for him to get home in June!  We got spoiled rotten by our families and Santa, as did our goofy little kiddos by their Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents!

Goofing off with Aunt Lauren

She was always helping Grandma, when she wasn't with Aunt Grace.

Grace and I making Christmas dinner.  A six course Italian dinner.... it was so fun!

The traditional Christmas eve movie goers

The siblings + spouses + kids in our new Christmas eve jammies.   There's almost too many of us for the couch now!

Christmas morning with my little family.  Santa was too good to all of us this year:)

Cutest kids in the world.

Weston showing his love for Tucanos with his most charming grin.

Addison showing off how she's really good at climbing into things... and on things... and around things.

Stealing her brother's cup.

At least they're best friends.

And last but not least.... Helmets are over!  We're excited and if you have any helpful tips for doing a 18 month old's hair.... let me know!:)