Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our November

November was a great month for the Schwartz family.  Here it is in pictures!

I started to feel better at the beginning of the month and we tried to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather before it got too cold!

The kids' favorite park
Crunching all of the fall leaves

Justin turned 27 on the 7th of the month.  He had to work all day but we had a birthday party and the kids picked out presents for him all by themselves.  I got him a trip to Disneyland that will happen next weekend:)

Addi got him a Dora sticker book

Weston picked out a dinosaur

They picked out all "Clubhouse" birthday supplies

And we had a chocolate cream pie for dessert

The next weekend we went down to Provo for the BYU/UI game and it was a blast to have almost the whole family there.  We were just missing Mom and Savvy.  We went bowling, out to lunch and to the cold, cold game.

We did some bowling with our Aunts and Uncles- Wes LOVED Derek.

Addi and Lauren bowling

Then the next weekend we went home for Thanksgiving- we got an entire week!  So we went to the last Twilight movie with Savvy, got to hang out with my fam for a few days before they left to AZ, and then had a WONDERFUL rest of the week getting the dinner ready and playing with all of our grandparents.

All ready for TWILIGHT!

Addi loved helping with the baking;)

Weston helped with lights:)
 When we got home life went into a whirlwind as we found out we had gotten into these duplexes that we have been on the waiting list for for more than two years!  So we will be moving in two weeks!  It will be so wonderful for us:  They have 4 bedrooms, a 2 car garage, a small backyard where we can have our BBQ back, and just to the right is the BRAND NEW park that they're building for the new phase.  We are very excited but it is going to be quite the crazy couple of weeks going to Disneyland AND trying to get everything packed up so we can move the next weekend!

Last but not least- our elf on the shelf- who we have named Gustav, or Gus for short (and ease of saying) has arrived because we are on to DECEMBER!

Friday, November 2, 2012

New blog

I know, I do it every once in a while- start a new blog.  I'll still keep this one for a monthly family update and to put on our Christmas cards as a way to see what we're up to, but for a more day-to-day in depth look at my cute kids go here:

I've got it connected to my instagram and I'll post what would have been or are funny facebook statuses of my kids.  I always told myself I wanted to keep a journal of the funny stuff that they do, and this just seems like a much better idea since I can do it on my phone and I have been posting on facebook what I should be writing in those journals.

I will be posting everything I would in their kid journals, so be warned: some posts may contain poop.  And by that I mean- I never post anything about poop on facebook or our blog because it makes Justin uncomfortable.  But- there have been some funny poop stories (well, funny looking back now) and those need to be documented as well.

Its also just a good place for me to document my own thoughts and random ramblings, so you'll get a mixture of everything by stopping by there.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Picking Pumpkins!

We had the best evening ever.  The kidlets are getting to that age where they are finally FUN to take to do stuff, not just work;)  So tonight we went to pick out our Halloween pumpkins and go out to dinner as a family.  They had a blast putting the pumpkins in the wagon and Weston tried to pick out 20 pumpkins- it was just too much fun!

Addi with her pumpkin

Weston with his

Into the wagon they go!

My girl is getting so big!

Dad with his kids

Mom and her girl!

All four of our pumpkins

"Just one more mom?"

My two most favorite boys!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our family is GROWING!

It is official!  Baby #3 is due in May!

We're very excited that our family is growing again.  We found out on Friday that there is only ONE baby in there and so our chances of having a pre-term birth is much lower.  So they tell us that WHEN we make it to 39 weeks we will schedule a C-Section. 

The kiddos don't quite get it yet, although every time we talk about babies Addi says "in mommy's tummy!"  We have 6.5 more months to talk about it, so maybe they'll get it by then.   Justin and I change our minds all of the time on if we're hoping for a boy or a girl, although we do have a girl name that we love and we always struggle agreeing on boy names.  But we should find out gender just before Christmas.   We are excited and so are our families for grandbaby #3!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catch up!

Our lives have been crazy the past couple of months, which has led to zero blog posting for the past two months!  I'm feeling ashamed!  But here is our last couple of months in pictures:)
Justin's new flight instructor office!  He's a grown up now!:)

And the view from his office in the sky.  The colors are changing!
Justin took the kiddos home for the fair for the weekend and they had a great time going to the fair and playing with their aunts and uncles.  Then they got to stay with JUST grandmas for a week while mom and dad went on a little anniversary vacation!

Yep, he's a Schwartz boy!

Loving the fair with dad!

Grace and Justin hanging out at the fair

Addi and her new obsession with "pips and sasa"

Weston and his new obsession with hats
Again, with his hats:)

These little goofballs just keep growing up on me!

Weston's new "smile" every time the camera comes out..... what a crazy kid.

This is what Addison wants to do every day... if only mom would let her.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tangled and Blues Clues are her favorite:)

My first billboard campaign!

The Schwartz Brothers at the Fair!

Dad is learning how to do hair, sometimes it goes better than others.
Our Cruise ship!

Happy Anniversary vacation!

Love this man!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Put this up on my business blog, thought I'd share here too!:)

I studied in Italy for a semester during college.  So I don't know why when my daughter was born and she had a baby blanket with the Eiffel Tower and all things Paris on it, I became obsessed with taking her to Paris some day.  I am in complete agreement with Audrey.  Paris is always a good idea.  So for visiting my blog, use coupon code - PARIS - to get $3 off of this print at my Etsy Shop!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lake House!

We had a blast going up to lake Coeur d' Alene to visit with our families.  We haven't been up there since we got married, so it was a real treat to be able to go and take the kiddos.  They LOVED it.  I'll have to see if I can steal some more pictures from my mom of us actually being.... on the lake.  But here's what I had.

They loved the blocks, making towers and knocking them down.

This is actually Addi at Walmart yesterday.... what a goofball.

They sure loved being with "bampa" as they call him.  I let them stay up late all weekend, and it sure made them little snugglers.

We ate at Fuddruckers in Missoula on our way down and back.  We LOVE their burgers!

And the cutest little face with glasses.  We're working our way up to wearing them full time.  Right now it is during movies, reading books, and when we drink chocolate milk.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Two year olds, Uncle Nik and the Fourth of July!

What a crazy month it has been at our house..... and the road to Moscow.  The kids and I went up for Graduation in June, and then again when Justin's brother Nik got home from his mission in Belgium and the Netherlands.

When we got home we had a birthday party, and a week later a 4th of July BBQ with a bunch of our friends!

Here is the photo overload

Birthday Party all set up!

I was SOOOOOOOO grateful to have Gracie with me for the whole week before the birthday party, she was the biggest help in getting everything done!  What a great sister and aunt she is!

Kids' birthday party details.  I sure had a lot of fun!

At their party pigging out with all of their little friends
There was a lot of excitement in the air!  This was her reaction to buying 10 helium balloons all at the same time:)

Two year olds (at least the girl kind) are very stubborn I've found.  What a little goofball!

We had a great time at home hanging out with Grandmas and Grandpas!

And a small birthday celebration at Grandma Rachel's house where we found out.... Weston LOVES cupcakes!

Nik is home!!  We missed him!  Love it when all of these brothers are together!

Elder Uncle Nik!

Kids had to wait to have any Mtn. Dew until Uncle Nik got home.  

They sure enjoyed it!

We have the greatest friends!  We had a BBQ for 4th of July with a bunch of our friends and a bunch of kiddos.  What a great evening it was!