Saturday, September 29, 2012

Catch up!

Our lives have been crazy the past couple of months, which has led to zero blog posting for the past two months!  I'm feeling ashamed!  But here is our last couple of months in pictures:)
Justin's new flight instructor office!  He's a grown up now!:)

And the view from his office in the sky.  The colors are changing!
Justin took the kiddos home for the fair for the weekend and they had a great time going to the fair and playing with their aunts and uncles.  Then they got to stay with JUST grandmas for a week while mom and dad went on a little anniversary vacation!

Yep, he's a Schwartz boy!

Loving the fair with dad!

Grace and Justin hanging out at the fair

Addi and her new obsession with "pips and sasa"

Weston and his new obsession with hats
Again, with his hats:)

These little goofballs just keep growing up on me!

Weston's new "smile" every time the camera comes out..... what a crazy kid.

This is what Addison wants to do every day... if only mom would let her.
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tangled and Blues Clues are her favorite:)

My first billboard campaign!

The Schwartz Brothers at the Fair!

Dad is learning how to do hair, sometimes it goes better than others.
Our Cruise ship!

Happy Anniversary vacation!

Love this man!