Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It has been a wonderful Easter weekend for us!  Friday night we went and watched Justin's cousin Taylor's high school rodeo.  It was a blast!  The kids loved watching the horses.  Then yesterday we went to a BBQ at Justin's professor's house to celebrate all of the graduating seniors in the aviation program.

This morning we got all of the kids decked out in their Easter outfits and went to church.  I sure love to make them match!

Here is a wonderfully touching Easter message from Elder Holland.  Happy Easter to you all!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back to the Blogging world

I've gotten so far behind in blogging about my cute little family's adventures that catching up has just been daunting.  I thought there was no way I could catch up during one nap time, and I continued to get more and more behind.  So I'm tackling it one nap time at a time.  Here is our life since the blog last heard from me.

I had the most wonderful 23rd birthday.  If you know me at all, you know that my birthday is pretty much the biggest deal of all biggest deals.  I celebrate the whole month, and for the past three years I have been helping my husband with the prep work so that he could learn how to get it just right.  This year he took it on all by himself and he rocked it!  We went to our favorite restaurant for lunch (Tucanos in Salt Lake), and he took me shopping at my favorite clothing store (Express). 

Me and Addi at Tucanos

On the actual day of my birthday he spoiled me with presents all wrapped in princess wrapping, had princess plates and napkins, and a chocolate chocolate chocolate coldstone cake.  It was so wonderful.  I couldn't have been prouder.

After my birthday the kids and I made the trek up to Boise all by ourselves to meet my fam because my little baby brother was playing at State Basketball.  Ok, so I guess he's not a little baby, he's over 6 feet tall and 17, but I still think of him as my little baby brother.  I had the kids decked out in red, black and white for all of the games and we went and cheered on the Moscow Bears.


After that, Justin met up with us in Boise and we drove home and spent our spring break in Moscow.  It was a blast to be with family and have so many people to love the little guys, they get so darn spoiled up there!  While we were up there my brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend and we are very much looking forward to their wedding in July!

We came home for two days before I was off to Provo to meet my mom and sisters for their spring break, and Justin was off to Denver for the yearly boys trip.  They got to watch BYU play in the March Madness tournament.  They had such a great time and I loved being with my mom and sisters. 

Boys at March Madness!

While we were in Provo we got some sister's pictures taken and some with me and the babies.  They turned out so wonderfully, I can't wait to get some of them framed and put in the babies' room!

I was glad we got at least one of his cute little smile, he was not loving pictures;)

This is her model face;)

This one just cracks me up!

I think this one is SO stinkin' beautiful!

We came home and had to get back in the swing of life again.  The weather is starting to get a little bit better so the kids and I get to go out and go running every once in a while.

Addi is the most charmingly naughty little thing.  Now that she and her brother have started playing with toys, she has to have all of the toys that her brother has, even if she already has both of her hands full of toys.  She is such a happy little girl and only really cries to get attention.  She'll do anything for attention.  She loves it when people are looking at her and talking to her and she LOVES to play with her dad.

Weston is usually a very serious little guy and loves to snuggle with me.  His dad can always get him to crack up though, and it is his favorite to play with everyone right before bedtime.  I personally think it is getting them all riled up right before bed, but he likes to look at it as "wearing them out."  Weston is usually very good at occupying himself and just giving his sister whatever she wants.

They are still great sleepers, and they both roll around the floor like crazy.  It is starting to make me nervous for when they finally become mobile... I am so not ready yet!  But that is an update from us.  Hopefully I'll be able to do better now that I don't have to "catch up";)

I found the little goofball like this one morning.  I cracked up!

They sure love each other.  It is so fun to see them interact!