Friday, May 10, 2013


Looking back, April went pretty quickly as well.  Although with it being my last full month of being pregnant, it sure didn't feel that way!

We started with a great General Conference weekend.  We love watching church in our PJs!
My cute General Conference watchers

Addi is definitely ready to be potty trained, but her momma just doesn't have the patience or the ability to bend over to help any more.  So we got some underwear, but the actual potty training will probably happen after baby brother comes;)

Had some great "family date nights."  We love going out to dinner as a family.  Addi loves noodles express (and cafe rio is her other favorite) She calls Mac and Cheese "macket" and love it with red soda!

My hubby is the best dad to these kiddos- we love it when he's home on Saturdays.
 We went down for Lauren and David's graduation from BYU and saw everyone- it was a blast.  My kids' favorite part was definitely the swimming!
Weston and dad swimming.

Kids' birthday present from Grandma Rachel (no, their birthday is not for another 2 months, but she wanted it for when she comes and plays with them when their baby brother comes)

And now we've done a quick catch up!  Here comes May, baby #3, and a fun, busy summer!


March flew by pretty quickly for us.  We got to see Grandpa and Derek- we crashed their NCAA weekend since it was in Salt Lake this year, but I still think the boys got plenty of basketball in.

Boys filling out their brackets
Lauren came and hung out with us for the weekend since our boys were all in Salt Lake

When our daddy got home we surprised him with a new grill!

Holidays get more and more fun the older that my kids get.  I just love it.   We had a blast coloring easter eggs and doing an easter egg hunt this year!

Addi was very focused on her coloring.

Weston and Justin

The Easter Bunny Came!

The Eggs filled with smarties were her favorite!:)


Time to play a quick catch up on what we've been up to!  Here is our last few months in pictures-

 In February we flew home for a weekend to surprise my dad for his 50th Birthday- He was so surprised when we all walked into the Lake House.  Even though it was a rough trip with Addi in a cast, it was totally worth it to hang out with the fam for a weekend!

My cute boys on the Airplane

Wes LOVED wintertime lake- he played outside with everyone while they were fixing up the beach for the summer.

We definitely get a little too competitive at Monopoly when we all get together;)

Savvy and My little cast girl hanging out.

We got Addi's cast off on Valentines day- man did that feel good.  It took her about a week to get walking again, but now she's better than ever.

We celebrated my 25th Birthday as a family-  I got a brand spankin' new computer that I still can't get enough of.  It has been so much fun for designing announcements and working- I just LOVE it!

Me and Wes at Firehouse for my birthday dinner

Addi and Justin

Coldstone birthday cake on princess plates:)

Just working away in my new home office!