Thursday, December 11, 2008

Newlywed BYU-I Student is a Survivor

Jacklyn Schwartz, 20, survived cleaning four months of leftovers out of her fridge this afternoon. This has been found to be the cause of death for many young newlyweds in Rexburg, Idaho. Schwartz said she was "happy to be alive" after the cleaning.

"I have not seen that much moldy taco meat in my life, and I hope to never see it again," she said after finishing. She and her husband have not been eating their leftovers. Schwartz forgets to re-prepare them for meals like both of their mothers.

She decided to take on the fridge before they left for the Holidays. Schwartz dumped out 9 containers of various sizes into the trash. The leftovers ranged from taco meat to roast beef, all of which had some mold.

She was close to failing after dumping everything in the garbage can. Her husband, Justin Schwartz, 23, saved her by offering to take out the garbage. "I did it because I love her, and I could see she was an interesting shade of green."

She finished by washing out the containers. She really considers herself a survivor because of their broken dishwasher. It is not spraying water. She washed all of the dishes by hand.

When the dishes were finished, no trips to the hospital needed to be made. She came out of the situation unscathed and excited about the prospect of going home for the Holidays.

Yeah, I'm a Journalism student..... and coming up with this post (and my cute husband) was the only thing that got me through washing all of those nasty dishes by hand! Thanks for indulging me!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Noteworthy Unblogged....

I was going through my iphoto this morning, and found some pictures that I meant to blog..... but never quite got around to because they didn't really fall in with any of my major posts.... So here goes!

This is what my cutest husband does when I sit down with pizza and forget the ranch. He goes and gets it for me.... he's quite the creative one huh?:D

Evenings at the Schwartz apartment are never boring:) Cute Polka-dotted robe huh? Its mine.... but Justin thinks its soft.... the picture is taken from so low because I was literally on the floor cracking up.:)

This was just barely taken on our way home from Moscow. My mom usually only shops at safeway but they don't have a gas station at ours. So her fuel discount hardly ever gets used. So any time I see a safeway gas station that's where I stop. This time... her fuel discount was larger than the price of gas.... so we got our gas for 1 cent per gallon! I thought it was picture worthy! THANKS MOM!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Skinner and Schwartz style:)

Well Justin and I spent a great week in Moscow with his family and I got to learn all of the Skinner/Schwartz family traditions for thanksgiving. The festivities started on Wednesday when all of the boys went out to Garfield to get the family Christmas Trees.

The girls stay home and start the Thanksgiving day cooking:) I learned how to make the super special Skinner family stuffing..... it was incredibly delicious when it was done.... but it looked a little yucky when we were grinding up all of the veggies:D

Pies are also important to the Wednesday cooking day. We made two pumpkin and one apple. (that Apple pie crust looks pretty great huh?.... the newest member of the family made it;))
When the boys got back the started putting up the Christmas lights at Grandma and Grandpa Skinner's house. This is Grandpa and Mitch doing the lights on the bushes.

And this is my cutest husband putting them up on the tree.

This is the next day after dinner..... some very very stuffed Schwartzes:) It was incredilbly delicious! We had such a fun time! We got to see my family on saturday when they came back from Hawaii and then we headed back to Rexburg where we only have two more weeks before we get to go home again for Christmas!