Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas has hit the Schwartz apartment!

Justin and I leave for home for Thanksgiving on Saturday morning. Then when we get back we'll only be home for 2 1/2 weeks before we head home again for Christmas, so we decided, even though it is before Thanksgiving, it was still OK to set up the Christmas stuff already. So it was a wonderfully fun Family Home Evening!!

My cutest Husband getting out the tree:D

We had Hot Chocolate.... Peppermint Hot Chocolate... YAY!

Stage 1 of the Christmas Tree Putting together. We bought a big one and had to rearrange our living room to make it work. But... even though our couch is really close to our television, we decided it was worth it!:D We both LOOOOOOVE Christmas!:)

Decorations made by yours truly! Justin and I have a new favorite store called Porters... with all of the crafts you can dream of. They have WONDERFUL Christmas stuff, and we had a lot of fun coming up with ideas!

Our cute little wreath. We hang it on the inside of the door so we can look at it.... selfish huh?:)

My little baby tree... it's going on our table:)

We finished stringing the extra lights around the window:)
(yes, that is Home Improvement on the TV... Hello Al!)

And our Tree!! TA DA!!! We LOVE it! I even plugged in evergreen scent so our house still smells like christmas tree even when our tree isn't real.:)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Justin touched chicken!!

I got home from the grocery store yesterday evening an asked my hubby to vacuum pack the meat. He did fine with the ground beef, and then I asked him to do the chicken too and he told me that he had never touched raw chicken before. So.... I documented his first time:) Hooray for wonderful husbands who will touch raw chicken for you:)

Birthday Weekend

Justin's birthday was on Friday the 7th and we had quite the wonderful weekend. We woke up and had a birthday breakfast and opened presents. Then we headed off to work and school, and after that we took the drive down to Utah.

We went to Provo to our favorite restaurant Tucanos. It's a brazilian restaurant where they bring skewers of meat around to all of the different tables and cut it off at your table. It is incredibly delicious and Justin says its just like the BBQs that they do in brazil. They also have his favorite brazilian soda Guarana. I love it as well, and it goes GREAT with the dinner:)

The next day we headed back up to Salt Lake to meet with a mission companion of Justin's and get tickets to the BYU game, which we went to, and they won.... by a lot:)

We both really love BYU so it was fun to go to a game together! We really had a wonderful time. After the game we went out to panda express and then back home to my Aunt Shannon's house where we watched a movie and chilled.

On Sunday we went to church with Shannon's family, and then they blessed their new baby, Ivy Grace that evening and then we headed home. It was a wonderful weekend and we were so grateful to get to see all of my aunts and uncles!