Thursday, June 14, 2012

Growing up and playing catch up!

I'm feeling like a real grown up today.  Today I got my first grown-up job.  Yes, it is part-time, but that works perfectly for me!  I am going to be doing the Public Relations and Marketing for Mt. Sterling Custom Homes and Visionary Custom Homes.

It seriously could not be a better job for me.  It has flexible hours so I don't have to worry about finding a sitter for my kiddos, and everything they want me to do is everything I love and miss doing in school!  My first project will be writing all of the copy for their websites, then I get to focus on preparing for the Golf tournament at the Logan River golf course where they have sponsored a hole and are going to set up tents and give out prizes.  And following that I get to design their new billboards and start preparing for the Parade of Homes in Cache Valley!  It is seriously my dream job and I am feeling so incredibly grateful today that I took the time to apply for it a couple of weeks ago.  There is no job that could be a better fit for me and my family!

Also lately I've been practicing a lot of my graphic design and have been making announcements and filling orders in my Etsy shop like crazy.  I just love what I'm able to do right now in my life and still be home to love on my kiddos!  Here are some of the graphic design things I've done lately:

Last week we went home for Derek's graduation.  It was just a blast.  I stole my sister and brought her home with me and I've had a wonderful time having her around all the time.  She's the greatest!  But we're looking forward to going home to see Justin's brother Nik who gets home from Belgium in a week!  We can't hardly stand it we're so excited!

My kids are little goofballs and we're getting so excited for their birthday!  Their Grandma Tera sent them their present a little early and we already don't know what we ever did without it!  The kids love their little picnic table and we're having so much fun doing a lot of playing outside.


We're working on getting all of their birthday invitations addressed and sent out.  We're about half way there!  Addi is my biggest little helper all the time, and Weston is walking- but only when we force him to.  He still prefers to crawl little stinker.   But we're doing great and just have the happiest little life right now.  Justin was just called as the Elders Quorum President in our ward so that and his flying and working will keep him super busy this summer.  We could not be more thrilled with our lives right now and we're so happy to be where we are and doing what we're doing!