Saturday, September 19, 2009

Much needed update

Well, I finally have a couple minutes to update. Our lives have gotten even crazier since school started (we had no idea that that was possible!) Justin is working at the airport and going to school, and I am working at the doctor's office and doing online classes. We have early mornings for work and late nights for homework. Oh the joys of being students!

Before school started we got to go up to Moscow for a long weekend, and it was wonderful! We really miss our families when we are away from home. We got family pictures with the Schwartzes (see the post below) and family pictures with my family (more to come, I'm sure) :) There were a couple of pictures of Justin and I that I LOVED. (Thanks Annie!) It's fun because both families got them taken at the same place, so that will make my decorating so much more fun with all of the "matchiness."

This is one of my most favorite pictures that we got taken. I adore it! It's so fun to have such a cute husband!

Our first anniversary was while we were in Moscow. We celebrated just the two of us before we left. We went to the Salt Lake Temple to do sealings and then had lunch at our most favorite restaurant called Tucanos. We have had such a wonderful and eventful first year. I am so grateful to be married to such a wonderful man:)

On our actual anniversary in Moscow we went to Gracie's baptism. It was so fun to have the family all together. My cute husband got me a dozen roses, and we ate out with the fam after the baptism. It was an awesome day.

We ate the top layer of our wedding cake that we had kept frozen. The whole family was completely grossed out that we would even think about eating year old frozen cake, but it wasn't bad. I kept trying to tell them that it is a long standing tradition. I don't think they cared.:)

We got home and started right into school, and had my family come down to Logan and stay with us for a couple of days while they took Lauren to BYU. It was so much fun to have them here and show off our new townhouse a little bit.

And now we've been in school for almost a month! It's crazy to think about for me. The semester is flying by way too fast. I've been doing homework for a couple of hours a night to keep up with my online classes, but I am lucky enough to get Saturdays off of work. Since my hubby usually isn't home for most Saturdays I use it to get lots of homework done and some fun projects.

Once I finish my homework, I like to have projects to do that have nothing to do with school. This has been my most recent one. I've worked on it for the past two Saturdays and it is finally finished and will be moved inside our house this evening!

I found this solid oak coffee table at DI. Yes, it was very beat up but it had a lot of potential. I spent last Saturday sanding it down and staining the top. I put one coat of black on the legs, and that is all I could get done before it got dark. This week, I put two more coats of black on the legs, and put a gloss stain on the top. It looks great and I am so excited to move it into the house!

My next project includes these. I got them this morning at the farmers market in town for $1! I was so excited, they look delicious. I think we may have quite a bit of zucchini bread in our future:)