Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun-filled long weekend in Utah:)

We had a very wonderful long weekend down in Utah! We started with USU transfer day in Logan. (In case anyone hasn't heard, BYU-I isn't working out school wise for me, it was a bad year to transfer so both Justin and I will graduate from Utah State.) We're working really hard on the "GO AGGIES!" thing. At least I've gotten to the point that it's "GO AGGIES! UNLESS YOU'RE PLAYING BYU OR U OF I!!" Now we've just got to get my husband to attend their sporting events.... and we may turn blue before you know it;)

We found a townhouse that we love very much. It's beautiful, brand new, tile flooring, granite countertops, cherrywood cabinets, and in our price range! WOOHOO!! So we're hoping to move down there mid-april depending on when we can get out of our contract here in Rexburg!

After a fun-filled (and tummy filled, they fed us well!) transfer day, we headed down to Provo. We decided since we were half way there anyways, we may as well go visit some aunts! We showed up to some very happy little ones!
As soon as we got there, and Olivia got out of the bath she yelled "YOU'RE HOME!!!" and asked me where my 'hubsbinz' was. Both her and Hayes really love Justin a lot, he's a pretty big hit with all of the cousins. Hayes and Olivia call the guest room "Jackie and Justin's" room, and we love it! This is a picture of us with our matching braids:)

Justin made sure that he brought his new nerf gun with a laser pointer on it (thank you, santa:P) so that he could play with the boys. His wife is not that in to nerf guns so he loves to run around upstairs and have nerf gun wars:)

And an action shot.... way to go shannon on the pictures:) We miss them already, but we're excited to only be two hours away soon! And to any sisters going to byu soon, or cousins who will soon get their drivers licences... We'll have a big guest room!!!:D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Break! Finally!

Well, the Schwartzes had a VERY merry Christmas this year. Santa decided to come to both the Schwartz and the Pennington households for us. Being married rocks:) This is me playing the Wii and Wii Fit that we got:) I got really in to it. Especially the hula hoop game that they have. I can Hula Hoop with the best of them. Justin makes fun of the way I look while I rock the game:)

This was probably my favorite present that I gave. I gave my daddy a picture of us at my wedding and then on the other side were pictures of me and him as I grew up.

This is Justin and I before we opened presents..... all photos courtesy of my mom's new camera:)
Savannah and Lauren Rocking out with the new x-box singing game:)
Hot tubbing after a long day of skiing.

Overall, it was a great break. We spent three weeks at home, and we both learned fun new Christmas Traditions of the other family. We got to talk to Justin's missionary brother Tyson who is in Chicago on Christmas which was a fun experience for me. We got to go skiing for new years and Justin totally Rocked it for his first time! He was as good as me by the time we left 3 days later. Now we're home starting the semester!