Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well November definitely flew by for us. Its going to be nice to have some time to spend together after we finish finals this week. Who knew only working full time could be such a wonderful vacation?:) Anyways, here's our month of November in review:)

For Thanksgiving we headed down to San Diego with my Dad's side of the family to celebrate my grandparent's 50th Wedding anniversary. It was a blast to see cousins who we hadn't seen in a while, and to just get to play and relax. (If you want to see any pictures of that portion of the trip you can visit my mom's blog here)

We forgot to take out the camera for most of the trip. But we definitely did not forget it at the Midway. It was an aircraft carrier that we visited on Wednesday in San Diego before we headed up to the house in Oceanside.

It was heaven for my husband, I don't think I'd seen him this excited and happy since.... oh wait, when we went to disneyland for his birthday two weeks before. November was a good month for him;) They had lots of airplanes that you could sit in and play with all of the controls.... I think Justin sat in all of them:)

Me and Justin on the top deck of the carrier by an airplane..... his favorite picture of us. He could tell you what kind of a plane it was, and a lot of different things about it, but I can't:)

Just before we left for Thanksgiving we decorated our house for Christmas. I got really lucky and married a wonderful man who loves Christmas and Christmas decorating as much as I do, I still need to get a picture of our outside lights, but these are our inside decorations. This are my cute little bookshelf decorations.
.... and our tree that we had room for in our living room this year. We bought a big tree last year and had to sit about a foot away from the television to fit it into our living room, this year everything fits and it is so beautiful:)
After we had finished moving around furniture and decorating.... it definitely puts us in the Christmas Spirit to have our house like this:)

Just before thanksgiving I also finished my Phlebotomy class. I'm still waiting to hear back on how I did on the national certification test, but I'm feeling pretty confident about it. :)

At the beginning of November we got to go to Disneyland for Justin's birthday. Thanks to a wonderful Aunt Diana and Uncle Derek who made this possible and let us hang with them at their house, we had a very wonderful trip:) The hat in this picture is a birthday cake hat. It has candles hanging off of it and lights up. Justin loved it. My cousin Haley and my Uncle Derek picked it out.... very fitting I think;)
I had to DRAG Justin out of Disneyland and California Adventure to get him to come check out Downtown Disney shopping with me. He ended up loving it after he found a store with a bunch of model airplanes and a LEGO store. He realized that this was really one of the happiest places on earth... even when your wife drags you shopping.

This is us in front of Main Street USA! We definitely are Disney people and love going there as often as we can. I love being married to a guy who begs me to plan trips to Disneyland rather than dreading it every time I want to go. Justin definitely had a very happy 24th birthday:)

We're getting excited to head into December here. We're jumping in head first with finals this week, going home in about two and a half weeks, and just taking it easy after we get home from work for Christmas Break! We love you all and hope you are having a very Merry Christmas Season!