Sunday, February 10, 2013


January was full for us too, with some wonderful things, and some not so wonderful things.  First off, when we got home from our very long Christmas Vacation, the kids got to move out of their cribs into their toddler beds that Grandpa made for them for Christmas- they love them!

We had a couple of big snow storms and really enjoyed playing outside and "helping" dad shovel our new driveway.
On January 4, we found out that we're having another baby boy!  

 We asked for too long if we were having a baby brother or a baby sister, so now when we ask Addi about the name of her baby brother in mommy's tummy, she always tells us his name is going to be "sister."  We've decided to name son #2 Paden, or Payden.... we're still having a discussion on the spelling of his name;)

During the middle of the month, Addison fell off of a toy and broke her femur- she's now in a lower body cast.  The stupid thing goes all the way up her chest, down one leg, and half of the other.  We hate it, but after 4 long weeks it gets to come off on THURSDAY!:)

We've had to be creative with mealtimes and how we get her around.  We really stay in the house a lot- haven't left much since the broken leg:)

We have the best Grandmas!  Grandma Tera send us this great wagon that the kids LOVE after we got home from the hospital.

Then both Grandma Rachel and Grandma Tera got together and sent us a survival box of toys and things to play with while we were laid up for four weeks.

Weston has been getting lonely without his playmate to run around with him.

Addi playing with the box of toys from grandparents.

Most of our day consists of time on the couch watching movies.

Weston has had to take over the getting into things since sister has been immobile.  In the past four weeks he's learned a lot of new things- one is to get into the pantry and find snacks.

Weston is really the best eater in the entire world.  The kid downs everything we put in front of him, but his new favorite treat is frosty's from Wendy's. 

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